Interim Purchase Manager

Strategic purchasing saves money and ensures quality and delivery

A Purchasing Manager has the primary responsibility for all purchases of the company’s direct and indirect purchases of goods and services. The role is responsible for the entire organization’s purchasing. A well-functioning purchasing function is essential for purchasing products and services of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Thinking strategically in order to avoid unforeseen negative costs, such as during Covid-19, is a must in order to be successful.

An interim Purchasing Manager ensures maintained quality and continuity.

When the business is facing a change, a difficult financial situation, an integration, large projects, or other situations when you need to review the purchasing function and/or your costs, an Interim Manager is a safe and cost-effective choice. An interim can also step in and support the existing purchasing manager and team in a specific project or part.

Kenneth Lennholm

Unfortunately, the purchasing function has too often been an area that has neither been seen nor noticed as a value-creating function in companies. This can lead to unnecessary costs for businesses.

Read our interview with Kenneth Landholm

What is the advantage of hiring an interim Purchasing Manager?

  • An interim Purchasing Manager has extensive experience from similar situations and can quickly familiarize himself with your situation and/or the challenge you have right now.
  • An Interim Manager is used to driving change and does not need to take internal politics into account.
  • In the event of a vacancy, an interim Purchasing Manager ensures that quality and continuity are guaranteed.
  • If there is a need for analysis and/or changes to the function, the interim Purchasing Manager can quickly see what needs to be done based on his experience and expertise.
  • An Interim Manager can create processes, structures and implement these.
  • An interim Purchasing Manager can build up a functioning purchasing function if it is lacking in your business.

Quality and Commitment

Since 2004 Nordic Interim has supported its clients with Executive Interim Management services with a focus on quality, skills, and implementation. We offer solutions to critical and complex business challenges in the Nordics and internationally, for both the private and public sectors.

With our own experience from line management and executive search roles in several industries and sectors, we contribute with advice and knowledge throughout the entire process, from assignment analysis to follow-up to ensure successful and sustainable results.

FAQ about Interim Purchasing Manager

What can an Interim purchasing manager do?
  • Set strategy for, and implement new processes for direct and indirect purchases
  • Outsourcing and/or insourcing of goods and services
  • Strategically plan purchases so as not to be hit as hard by unforeseen crises as, for example, Covid-19.
When might I need to hire an interim purchasing manager?
  • When the business is facing a change.
  • When the business is in a difficult financial situation and needs to make cost savings.
  • In an integration.
  • To set structures and processes.
  • When leadership is needed.
  • When a purchasing organization is to be built up.
  • When the existing purchasing manager needs support in a specific project or sub-project.
  • In case of a vacancy or sick leave.
Why should I choose to hire an interim Purchasing Manager?
  • An interim Purchasing Manager who steps in for a time-limited period to solve a problem or run a project is a cost-effective choice when you want to avoid fixed costs for a permanently employed person and/or you only need the specific skills for a time-limited project.
  • When internal competence is lacking, an interim Purchasing manager/project manager can lead and run business-critical projects.
  • When you need to achieve quick results within a set schedule and budget.
Do you have interim managers all over Sweden?

Yes, our network covers all of Sweden.

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