Interim Communications Manager

An interim Communications Manager works both strategically and operationally

An interim Communications Manager is responsible for the company’s external and internal communications, a central role in all organizations. The role usually includes broad responsibility for, for example, developing a strategic communication and crisis plan, setting and coordinating messages, PR and IR, producing the annual report together with the finance function and supporting managers in their communication to the organization and the public.

Marknadens främsta interimschefer

”It is decisive for an organization to have a well-functioning communication with owners, stakeholders, clients, and employees. If the right competencies are missing internally, an interim Communications Manager can create stability and secure sustainable and long-term results.”

An Interim Manager starts immediatly with creating sustainable results

When the right competencies are lacking internally, the situation can quickly become critical. In such cases, it is a good idea to engage an interim Communications Manager who can directly take the lead of the function and kick-start a change by setting the right strategy, right processes, and right structures. With long experience in leadership, an interim brings his/her organization with him/her during a change. The interim Communications Managers we work with all have extensive experience in handling different types of situations, know what needs to be done and ensure that it is carried out. In this way, it is ensured that quick results, which are decisive for the success of the business, are achieved.

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What are the advantages of hiring an interim Communications Manager?

An interim Communications Manager:

  • Has as long experience in, together with the management team, creating and communicating the company’s message in both traditional and modern communication channels.
  • Has experience from similar challenges and can quickly assess the situation that your company is facing.
  • Has the ability to get the organization onboard during tough change processes.
  • Is used to driving change and does not have to take part in internal politics.
  • Ensures during a vacancy that the communications function, quality, and leadership are maintained or even improved and guarantees continuity.
  • Can quickly see what needs to be done and immediately implement the necessary actions when a current situation analysis or a transformation is needed.
  • Can create, develop and improve processes and structures.

Why can an Interim Manager be decisive for a company’s success?

An Interim Manager is a safe and cost-effective choice when the organization is facing challenges, for example, a change, growth, or when you need to fill a vacancy. An interim Communications Manager can also support the management in a specific project or sub-project as a senior advisor. This gives a strong and fast focus on the task and on implementing the needed changes. An interim always has very good leadership skills and has the ability to motivate the organization during tough transformations.

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…a safe and cost-effective choice when the organization is facing challenges…

Quality and Commitment

Since 2004 Nordic Interim has supported its clients with Executive Interim Management services with a focus on quality, skills, and implementation. We offer solutions to critical and complex business challenges in the Nordics and internationally, for both the private and public sectors.

With our own experience from line management and executive search roles in several industries and sectors, we contribute with advice and knowledge throughout the entire process, from assignment analysis to follow-up to ensure successful and sustainable results.